Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dad, From the beginning

We've been close
We've been friends

You've been with me for every important step
In my life

You've taught me, shown me no dream is out of my reach

You've taught me how much it matters
to find time for the people you love

You've  protected me from bugs LOL
(as quickly as you can grasshopper, hit the horse-fly!)

You've shared the world with me (Pre-Paris Flight)

Watching you and Mom

You've shown me 
what loyalty and love
and marriage are about

You continue teaching me Dad
About glass, about life, about
marriage, about goals.
You teach me to
always ALWAYS become
a better person

You've taught me that goals are
for ALL of life ~ that any goal or
dream is always achieveable
if you're willing to work for it
(Picture: Black Belt awarded to my father at age 78)

Even now, with grey hair on both of us
(tho I'm not admitting to a day over 35, lol)
you keep teaching me, by example and by word.
You keep teaching and I'll keep learning....
I love you Papa