Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kindness, Care, Words

 In the best of times
the kindness we give
elevates us....

In the worst of times
the kindness we give
defines us

Kind Care Can Be Given
At Not The Cost Of A Penny
But it always costs a moment of time
It always requires thinking

In return 
Kindness dividends
In ways
No stock market can steal
No government can tax
No passage of time can ever erase
fdf 2011

(With thanks to Ronni & Darlene for sharing this video link)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Old Friends

Old Friends
Ever Patient
They Wait For Me
One By One
They Came To Live With Me
Shelf By Shelf
They Became
Old Friends

Friday, April 08, 2011

The Internet Really Makes Me Laugh Sometimes!

This reminded me...
Years ago, (and this is a true story) we had a possum
stay with us briefly sheltering in the corner an open out-building.
She had her new babies in tow. We immediately 
noticed that one was different. Ma Possum had adopted a 
tiny wayward orphaned kitten somewhere along her travels.
She raised it with great success.
The kitten* not only survived, it thrived.
Apparently happy & healthy it nursed and frolicked with
its possum brothers and sisters. Eventually they all moved on.

*I've often wondered if the little guy suffered from identity or lifestyle issues, lol*

On my jewelry bench

A peek at a piece currently 'in progress' on my jewerly bench at the moment....
(one of my lampwork beads, pearls, etc)
Well, on my leg actually lol
(too many bits spread out on the bench to take a picture I confess)
I find blue such a soothing and
calming color ~ to the eye and the heart.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring in NY

Ah April in NY....
The Excitement of "Spring"!
Look! Look!
You can see ground (amid the snow)

You can see the snow shovels!
(as opposed to having to dig them from a
drift so you can dig snow away from the walks and drive)
Look! More snow is gently falling
(as opposed to blowing horizontally at 45mph)
Only a "small accumulation" is expected today!
(not 10-14 inches)
Oh April in NY...
Relief at last! lol
And before anyone asks, no this is NOT an April fools joke*
(*this pic was added today a la my phone camera)
If only it was an April fools joke ...