Thursday, July 23, 2009

Small Bird

I am a small bird
In a tall tree
Amid ever-growing winds
Not fearing the chance of a fall
Because I know I can fly

FDF 7/2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

CMOG More Images

Trying to cull thru the images I captured at CMOG for my 'favorites' to share is akin to asking me to choose a few favorite desserts, lol. So I've decided to share them all a few at a time until I can create a photobook online with a link...

This piece fascinated me with its combination of simplicity and detail!

These creatures of the sea are only three examples of the sea life and plant life created in glass (in the 1800's if I remember the detail information correctly). My images do not in any way show the true, subtle, remarkable coloration the glass artist(s) achieved.

More to come!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Two more CMOG/GAS Pics!

As it turned out the vendors area (which was our main focus) wouldn't open for two hours from the time we arrived. So what would two lampworkers with time to spend do in Corning? Not a hard choice, lol - we headed for the museum! I've visited CMOG numerous times, many times. It always was, and remains, an absolute amazement on so many levels it is difficult to frame the experience in words.

So for now, just the start of the images I have to share with you. These are of one of two Chihuly installations at CMOG.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CORNING Road Trip! Glass Art Society Conference

With the studio (and life) speeding along at the typical insane pace summer brings I've not had a chance to share the trip Dad and I took Corning with you! The GLASS ART SOCIETY held their conference in Corning this year and I can't think of a better combination than CMOG, GAS, the Vendors there for GAS and of course Corning itself. It was great, realllly great and of course the trip produced its share of stories, lol.

Today is another hectic day with multiple students in and out of the studio - so I have to run now, but at least there's a teaser picture!

More coming - lots of pictures to share...