Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Mothers Day...

Everyone who wakes and begins their day today had a mother, she who gave breath and life.
Some have mothers they love. Some do not. Some have mothers who love them. Some do not.
Few are given the gift of a mother who loves them, who they love, a mom who is their best friend

I am one who was given such a treasure
My 'Mum' is so very many things to me
in this life of mine

She is my dearest most trusted female friend
my co-hort and co-conspirator

We talk of life of love
of growth and of loss
of challenge and of joy

We share time, cups of coffee
wing emails to each other
laugh, cry, hunt for treasures
analize the world
discussing how we each
fix what we can
discussing how some things
can not

Since my first step, my first word
she has never stopped teaching me
never stopped listening to me
never stopped 'being there' for me

She encourages me when I feel overwhelmed
(as in the pink 'bad day' image, lol)
She reminds me to keep paddling!
(as in the ducks image)
She ever-reminds-me to see the beauty in life
(as in the images of flowers)
She sees the best in me
while being able to be truthful & honest with me
She reminds me to keep growing and learning

She has never failed
to make me feel

My greatest, deepest hope 
as my life continues to unfold
is that I do the same for you Mum
I love you 'so'

Happy Mothers Day


Friday, March 30, 2012

What Is Surprising

(one way or another)


Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Past Eight Weeks

Are windows better lended
to looking out or looking in?

Are weeks and months
spent pondering
for beginnings?
or for ends?

Do questions demand answers
or do they simply point the way...

Is thinking useful to the soul
or a tool used for delay?

Do searching thoughts find purpose,
direction, new design - or simply give
my heart a chance to stop, review,
             FDF 2/2012

Thursday, November 24, 2011

CYBER MONDAY SALE @ Studio Website

Yes Indeed
A Cyber Monday Sale
At the Studio Website!
Spin twirl hop happy dance fun!
Some new work
and some
Great Deals
So on Monday stop by