Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I thought you'd like to see a few 'around the studio' images :-) ?

So with that path in mind here's one of my favorite views. This is the window in the 'beading-between classes-non-flamework-classroom' portion of my studio building...

When I built the studio I wanted the teaching/reading/research/chatting side of my studio to have an inspiring yet calming view. Did I succeed? :-)

It's a lovely view all year (yes, lol even the snow in winter). But summer holds the most beautiful sights of all for me...

Comments welcome re: my 'around the studio images' idea!

Friday, August 08, 2008


I planted four types of sunflowers (which I love) this year. Some are multiple blooms, some are varied in color, and of course my original favorite of all my flowers, the MAMMOTH sunflowers!

This 'little sunny' was the first to open so he is the first to be shared.

No matter what the weather, these guys provide sunshine from a seed every time I see them from my window(s)!

What's YOUR favorite flower?! (I know, a difficult question) :-)

Sunday, August 03, 2008


*Seeking 'ok to share' images of lightning, the ones found here: were amazing (this is my fav) If you have a moment visit there site filled with astounding photo images....

Friday evening, so late as to dance on the edge of Saturday, nature let loose a lightning and thunder storm the likes of which I haven't seen/heard in years. Impressive to say the least. Humbling. Thought provoking.

As I lay awake, watching and listening, my mind wandered. I love these storms ~ such dynamics of nature in play (with none of the 'winter worries' of loss of power at freezing temps). Nature, in one of her pure, uncontrolled yet beautiful forms.

When I was younger (in my twenties) I loved the lightning most. CRACK! (the ground trembles) INTENSE DARKNESS DEFYING LIGHT! AWE IN A SINGLE STRIKE! It may only last a few seconds - but what an amazing few seconds a lightning strikes put forth. I loved them.

As I snuggled under the covers, listening to the sheets of rain enfolding the house and fields I realized that now, twenty some odd years later, I'm much more drawn to the thunder. How curious..... The thunder isn't as dramatic. It doesn't light up the night, nor does it shock. It rolls, it lingers. It has a depth and resonance that eludes the micro-moment drama of lightning.

Making the coffee and toasting bagles in the morning light following the storm it occured to me the question of thunder or lightning is something of a signpost for the different ways I see (and choose) numerous things in life now, decades past my twenties.

I'm much more patient - pacing myself for outcomes with 'resonance'. I'm far more drawn to depth than drama. While I've never fretted much about peer opinion, I now wear that feeling like a comfortable sweater around my shoulders (rather than holding it as a banner flying in the wind). I find a curious contentment in listening for the 'windows to rattle' (both literally and figuratively). Even tho they rattle in darkness and I can't SEE them rattle, there's a power that weaves thru something you feel rather than see. Much like the magic of something you can't touch but you know.... Spring will come. As certain as it is 'bad happens' so will good. Nothing you can touch - yet you know these truths and learn more of them as years go by.

Isn't that the fascination, the potential of each ordinary day ~ you never know when some small thing will show you you've how you've changed (hopefully for the better! lol) Like, the simple Question Of Thunder Or lightning.