Friday, July 25, 2008



I thought you'd enjoy two little bits of IRL* FERRIS LOL
*(IRL = in real life)

First is PIGWEED :-) With every year that passes I find I love my flowers and (very simple) gardening more. It's so very different from the pace of the studio, the 'sitting' of computer work - and thanks to garden goddesses that have encouraged me (Sandra! & Carolyn!) the borders of the gardens grow.

Still, weeding is a vexation - akin to pulling/cleaning beads, lol. So worth the effort once complete yet better once done than in the doing. Hence PIGWEED - he just makes me laugh and is oh-so-useful as you see, holding my tools, kneeling pad (no wise cracks, lol). Here's a picture of him guarding my most recent attack upon the weedlings!

Next a DH story...

Over the weekend I was wearing a pair of capri pants - love them but HATE that they have no pockets as I always carry my cell phone in my pants pocket! What to do.......? Hmmmm. After a minute or two confirming I had no shirt pocket either I tried tucking my phone under the center of my bra in front (which is like a rubberband, lol). Shortly following that placement, DH and I were working outside together and wouldn't you know it - my phone rang, lol. DH looked at me oddly for just a moment then smiled and said 'hey babe, your chest is ringing - want me to get that for you?! roflmao.

What it takes to get a guy to offer to answer the phone! :-)

Ok, enough of my IRL stories!
PS to everyone I owe emails to, don't give up on me - I'm making progress, reallllly!