Monday, June 30, 2008


(Why yes, more turquoise! roflmao)
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Friday, June 27, 2008

BUSY (aka Buzzzzzzy)

Been ages hasn't it? Egads.

It's wonderfully easy to lose track of time in summer! Early morning strolls to the studio, endless light, color EVERYwhere, singing birds, buzzing bees, fireflies and frogs. Amazingly happy, this time of year....

Painted on this canvas of ease and inspriation is the hectic busy (buzzzzy lol) flow of activity of the studio in the summer season! Students, demos, and my personal torch sessions that can (and 'oft do) run from 5 am till dusk at 9pm. Bliss I say - pure bliss!

Lawns to mow, tomatoes to tend, laundry to be hung on the wind blown lines.
Simple inspiring days.

There are several new pieces and techniques I've been dabbling with - you'll see them here first of course :-) But for now, I must buzzzzz back to work!