Saturday, March 31, 2007


Today my connection is so painfully slow that I'd have to say it's making the listing of auctions difficult indeed (just LOVE to have a listing nearly loaded only to receive the 'timed out' message. Arrrgghhh). Yes, pesky indeed.... So I thought I'd put some images up here, for those who wonder what's new.....
And then in a moment of cleverness (or lunacy, lol) I thought perhaps rather than continuing to fight with my connection and auct lisitings any longer today I could simply make these a JOURNAL READERS ONLY special... Each pair of beads below (earring size created on larger mandrel) is $3.50 a pair & 1.00 shipping to US destinations for journal readers! :-) . If you would like any of these email me via the MINE MINE MINE! (lol) link. Each set/pair will go to the first person who emails me. If they con't call to any readers here they'll eventually get listed, but this gives you 'first chance' :-)
Does this sound like a good (or bad) idea? Let me know!

Email me by 'clicking' on the MINE! MINE! MINE! link, lol & tell me which set!
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SOLD! Thanks Heather!
Set Three ~ Girlie Girl PINK! MINE MINE MINE!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm distressed this morning to hear of 'bee worries'....
The news brings word that more of my fuzzy, buzzy, busy
pollen moving buddies are dying and no one seems to know
just why....
Bees and frogs have always been near and dear to my heart.
Never having been a 'normal girl' (or normal at all actually)
golden eye toads, jumping frogs, spring blooming trees and
flowers 'a-buzzzzz' with bees form a core of memories past
and current that never fail to make me smile.
They were one of
the (many) reasons I could not imagine living in a city....
Now, as with past news of frogs in peril, bees join the list.
Too much pesticide? Too much chem-lawn? An off-handed
twist of fate from 'mother - nature'?
I just hope those far more clever than I can find the key
to keep the buzz going.....

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just thought you'd like to see some of the latest work!
(Already sold)
I WILL be adding work here from time to time tho,
so check back if you're looking for new beads!

Friday, March 23, 2007


My head hurts! lol...
Not a headache, not a bump.

One of the joys of life for me are the unpredictible times when I find I have SO MANY ideas rushing in it's nearly a physical sensation... It's a wonderous gift that arrives unbidden and leaves much as it comes, unexpectedly and determinedly.

My students often ask me about 'where creativity comes from'? It's a much harder question to answer than 'where do babies come from', lol... For me it has always been there, arriving like a crashing wave on the beach. Bundles of ideas that flow thru my mind at breakneck speed. A nearly physical sensation as I said, with a corellating emotional rush of well being.

Early in my journey as an artist it vexed me that I couldn't 'control' it, summon it if you will to suit myself. But as time went on I thankfully developed the sense to understand it for the wonder that it is. But I don't think it's a question of 'your're born with it or you're not'. Returning again to discussions with students I've often said (and seen) that for the majority it turns out to be more a question of connecting to your creative side again as an adult. In a marketing class I taught last nite a student made an insightful observation: "the corporate world conditions you to diminish your sense of doing things your way". As does for some, family, spouse, time constaints to name a few. It's wonderful to watch my students who consider themselves to be 'uninspired' discover that the flow of creativity IS there, be it a beadmaking idea or a marketing idea. If you set out to UNLEARN the habit of thinking within constraint when it comes to your art, the ideas trickle in, then they flow. It will always be a very personal, individual process, but very few people are actually uninspired. You just need to re-learn how to hear the whispers (which is by the way different than hearing voices, lol). Eventually you will likely find "your head hurts too" from the ideas rushing in! :-).

Now if we can just figure out how to have it happen on demand :-)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


The title of this post is stolen from my DH. He's fond of sayings much the way I'm fond of quotes. This one is his most used, in fact the very first I can remember him saying when we met. Over time the depth of its wisdom increases.

Without going in to great detail because a) it still weirds me out to fling too much deeply personal data into cyberville 2) because each of you faces sufficient challenge enough in your own lives that you need not come here only to find mine abounding and III) by nature, intent, and DNA I'm inclined to be 'chirpy' as someone once said of me :-) So we'll float pass the details.

The mind-boggling truth is that in the last months I've sat in way too many waiting rooms, exam rooms and funeral parlors with people I love. I've begged fate unfailingly to be kind. Many times she's been beyond kind ~ granting me the wishes of my soul. Some events that have passed were beyond entreatment before I even knew of them.

The sum and substance of what remains in my mind now is an abundance of confused and conflicting emotions. Joy and thankfulness for time 'given back' - futures returned and relief mixed amid grief, shock, and worry. And thru it all I kept hearing my husbands voice saying


He is of course right.

When life flows in easy, lovely ways that point is obvious.
But when fates' outcome dangles the lives of those you love by a gossamer thread it's far more difficult to remember it is still true. Anxiety and pain exist only if you care (caring being a cornerstone of a great life). Pain only finds its mark if you love (love also being a cornerstone of a great life). Worry can only "sit your shoulder" if you wish you could control more of lifes' events (and that only comes because you desperately want to protect someone yet know you cannot). Memories are painful only because they were made - without memories ever being formed they can cause you no harm - nor stay with you in the future and grow to do what they do best - give joy.

The trick it begins to seem in 'not weakening' is to accept (as best one can) that life is comprised of a curious mix of pain and pleasure, comfort and anxiety, phases, plateaus, and challenges. I'll be the first to tell you that I dance (sometimes not very deftly) between the Yin & Yang oposites hoping I don't stumble.
If reading this makes any sense to you at all you at least know you're not alone. I'm dancing right along with you hoping to always see what I know ~ which is that it IS a great life ~ but you have to always concentrate on the "don't weaken"

Adult life is wearying - it rubs the shine off & leaves you wondering sometimes. Other times it's downright scary. No matter how old I grow I still find when crisis comes I FEEL like an akward, underskilled 10 year old. Perhaps some of what causes us to weaken.

As trite as it sounds, hug your kids, call your parents, tell your significant other you love them. Try to let go of what you can't control ~ both present and past. Make time for what matters to you because tho time goes on forever , we don't. Follow your dream(s) as far as you can at this point in your life, and take joy in small daily happiness. Drink in the here and now. Fill your glass. Drink. Repeat.

Most of all, don't weaken!