Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Cold enough to snow actually. Drat! But I have the magic of images to remind me why I love living here (most of the year, lol) Tho I photograph horribly, this one taken during an 'inspiration walk' by my husband in late August isn't tooooo bad. MY favorite part of the image is all the GREEN surrounding me in our fields.....

Inspiration walks
really get my muse humming - so much vibrancy, detail, drama and color can be found amid the riot of nature at her summer season apex! Tho unseen in the image, there's a riot of field flowers, some yellow, others purple, even red amid the field grasses.

On this day, the heat bugs were buzzing in the background, a summer breeze blowing.

My muse wasn't muttering - she was singing clearly....

I'd love to hear (in comments) what inspires and stirs your muse to a frenzy!


  1. Heather Ward10:50 PM

    Hey, I remembered you were my friend today:) Just kidding! I thought of you today and had a crazy moment trying to remember just how long it had been since we had contact, LOL! Hope all is well. Miss you tons!

  2. You are such a GODDESS!!! I so wanna be you!!! (but, having lived in the Mohawk Valley for several years, I so don't wanna live up there again... LOL)
    My muse comes from lots of places... My kids artwork, the outside, and my weird imagination....

    Miss you!