Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Mum....

I'm one of the lucky women who had a wonderful mother in childhood
that grew to become my best female friend in adulthood.....

My mother has always found it easy to smile
(and loved jewelry as do I, lol)

(I think I have her eyes)

June Bride with her Navy Guy (Dad!)
No matter where we lived (amid numerous moves between east and west coast)
she created "magic" ~ christmas in tiny walk up apartments, special handmade birthday cakes......
Her spin on life has always been choose to be happy because there is
always something to be happy about!

She taught me how to roll my hair,
to wear a hat, to use makeup.
She also taught me to believe in
myself, to speak my mind (kindly)...
She taught me the universe did not
(does not, will not ever) revolve 'round me.
But as she taught me that also let me know
how loved I was, how loved I am....

She set(s) an example still that it's nice to
feel important but it's more important to be nice...

She taught me to dream, to expect
the unlikely. Santa, Easter Bunny,
Good over Evil. A career as a working artist.

She taught me to be a lady
who could also do any task
a man could do

She still is AMAZING, still my best girlfriend
we still laugh, she still teaches me about life...

Happy 'Mum's Day' Mom
Love you, love you, love you!


  1. Your mom sounds wonderful, lucky you, hug her every chance you get.

  2. Very lovely! Hope she saw this and was once again impressed with all her girl can do.

  3. Faith, please give your Mum a big hug from me. She's a keeper.

    My own Mom passed away last month, the day after Mothers Day, after a long illness... and I will miss her every day of my life.