Tuesday, August 28, 2007


No matter how old I get, there are still days I feel as tho I have diaper rash, LOL. Nothing terribly wrong at all. More the 'run of the mill life' kinds of things. The sort of issues that, added togehter make one feel a tad cranky. Whiney. Pouty. You know what I mean, don't you?

Over the course of a girls life it's tagged as diaper rash, PMS, Post Partum, Menopause. But it's all a variant of diaper rash really. Some days are MEANT for a full pot of coffee, a good book, (or a box of beads) and a bit of solitary rejuvenation. Yet we all know those days, however needed, seldom happen.

Things need to be done. Simple and true. Time waits for no (wo)man. Even if she does have diaper rash! But isn't it a curious comfort to know we all (at least all of us writing/reading here :-) are bailing as fast as we can to keep our 'boats afloat'....

And who says we can't have a bit of a pout now and again while we bail?! :-)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Background # 1: Ever since her the first trip to the UK, my mother has loved the title 'MUM'. It began as a giggle when one day at tea in St. James Park we noted SHE is the Queen Mum of our family. It's a title that's stayed and truth be told it suits her....

Background #2: Mum sends me quotes online & marks/cuts newspaper and magazine clippings of note - it's a tradition between us that goes back just beyond forever, lol ~ and it's a tradition I cherish.

This is a recent MUM NOTE from the newspaper. Quite neat.


Pull out your calendar and do a little experiment. My calendar has Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then begins again with Sunday. What about yours? As hard as I look, I can never find a SOMEday. Yet we live our lives as if we really believe there IS as SOMEday out there, figuring we'll get around to certain things ... SOMEday. Turn your SOMEDAY into today...

Thanks Mum :-) Really good advice, as always.....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have a real 'love hate' thing with decorative pillows.

They are so Better Homes & Gardens/House Beautiful when they're in place! But they drive me insane in real life.... Off the bed each nite. And unless you have a cute window seat to put them on, just WHERE (out of the way) do they go?!? So they are underfoot, literally, till morning. Then each morn, make the bed, fluff and place all the pretty pillows. A vague PITA.

Decorative chair pillows are the same way. The look SO NICE, gazing at the chairs. But just try sitting in the average chair ~ with the pillow in place ~ chances are it's not comfortable :-( So on the floor they go.

Granted in the scheme of things it's not an issue that achieves the status of a 'problem' lol. Yet it came to mind this morning as I was trying to decide just where to place .....


(sometimes, I am such a fool... roflmao)