Monday, April 13, 2009


Spring may still be best enjoyed from the inside (it's cold!) But sunlight streaming thru the windows and inside daffodils go a very veryyyyyyyy long way towards erasing my winter 'blahs' :-)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Of mice & poo

Somehow, beyond any rational impossibility of size, shape and clearance a mouse managed to find his way into one of my kitchen drawers. There was nothing of daily use in there. In fact not much aside from an nice (empty) dovetailed divided wood silverware tray.

Now I am not a fussy, girlie, if I get mud on my feet I'll pass out kind of woman. BUT I am not ever going to use that box for silverware! lol There is no way I'd be able to put nice forks where mouse poo was, then take a fork for that same tray, drive it deep into a scrumptious piece of cake and then put that forkfull of cake into my maw. Not without thinking of that mouse poo. And that kind of takes the edge off the cake, ya know? Yes I have choloroxed the box (even if it IS wood) In fact to the point that the paint may begin to peel and the wallpaper may fade. It' not the actual science here guys, it's the IDEA. Ick ICk ICK!

But here's the good news - now I have a reallllly nice wood tray for some of my glass or jewelry tools! (once the full gallon of cholorox smell passes, lol)