Saturday, September 18, 2010

A bit of madness?

There it is again. Oddly familiar of late. This feeling of something tugging, nibbling, tap-tap-taping on my heart & mind & soul. Desiring attention, yet not quite ready to be seen, not quite prepared to reveal. It's in the background. It moves along, parallel, just out of notice of my view. It's the faint but undeniable  watercolor background of the daytime and the wafting interlude drifting into sleep.  It's the feeling of a ghost in the room, not threatening, not worrisome yet distinctly there....

It sounds a bit like madness I suppose.  Yet it's the twisting turning overture that heralds changed direction, new path unfolding, separate or sometimes added layers that are quietly evolving for me. I wonder if it's like that for everyone? Perhaps it is. Perhaps they hesitate ( being more clever than I) to admit it. Perhaps some never feel the nudge-nudge-nudge of it?  (which would return me to my thought that this is sounding like a bit of madness...)?

But there it is. A sense of change of direction.
Fluttering in my mind like a gently billowing curtain draped across a window in Tuscany.
Like waves smoothing the sand so I can write something new, capture a thought, dance to a variant of my dreams.

We'll see
Yes, we'll see.......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Other Blogs

Checking other peoples blogs is something I look forward to when I have time......
It's akin to checking the snail-mail in the surprise factor. Maybe there will be something fun. Maybe not. But there's a curiosity to be satisfied., the potential of adventure!
With blogs even more-so. There may be so many things awaiting... Drama! Art! Neat food! Endless variation really. Neat.

I can read what I want. Skip around. Read all. Part. Simply scan the newest pictures.
Oh the bliss, the freedom of blog surfing!
I can comment - or not.
I can think deeply about the content - or not.
It is one of the few activities that can be enjoyed with no demands what-so-ever. Neato.

In a way it reminds me of when I was a kid . In the fall/winter during evening drives home I loved to look into the windows of houses. Not in a sicko kind of way, lol but in a curious what kind of pictures or furniture do they have kind of way? What color are their walls painted. I was actually disapointed when people appeared. I wanted to pick and choose what I peeked in at. Weird, I know. But you're used to that by now from me (weird I mean).

So to you who blog every day and provide me with wonderful moments of escape, humor, cooking tips, pieces of art, stories, insights, and the chance to peek into the windows of your life, thank you!

**Note to self:  be a better blogger and provide (some) of the same for those who visit me, lol**

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Farewell August...

Farewell August
Days of cloudless skies
Cicadas songs
Brilliant star filled nites
Late evening air so rich and dense 
it's nearly liquid

Farewell August
Days of baking sun
Tomato ripening
Watering can filling (and emptying)
In continual cycles

Farewell August
Days of peak summer green
And yellow corn
Fields of berries red and blue
(A temptation to make jam)

Farewell August
Days of summer porch
Every window open nites
Rounds of deep resounding thunder
And watermelon for two....
  Image and verse fdferris copyright 2010