Monday, June 18, 2007


As I was walking to the studio bldg this morning I noticed dozens of little tiny spider-webs reflecting dew in the early morning sun. As nature goes, spiderwebs aren't a highly remarkable sight.

What was remarkable to me was that they were all on the ground, not woven in 'high and safer' places but spotted all over the low grass, in harms way. I wondered what caused these little spiders to work so hard creating frail beauty to sustain themselves and then place in smack-dab in well trodden, easily harmed locations?

I pondered it as I worked and two conclusions came to mind:

Either they 'do the best they can with what life had offered them' - which is what I think we all do. Sometimes 'ideal' solutions just aren't in the cards, so we innovate and hope for the best....

Or the other conclusion I considered is that these weaving spider of the low grasses are artists, lol, creating beauty to sustain themselves and as mentioned before ,working hard and hoping for the best...... (And I bet these spiders are a bit insane as are all we artists! lol)

Seeing these 'ground webs' reminded me of one other thought... for what it's worth. We look forward to plan we look past to remember, we look up for the warmth of the sun on our face and to see the free birds fly. But we seldom look down, and below our feet is the most fascinating world - amid the grasses and grains of sand significant insights can be found....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


UPDATE: 'BEAD' has found a wonderful home!
As always thanks so much Heather & Sooz for your comments :-)


It's a strange thing that happens sometimes.....

I'll open the kiln to pull the work from the prior day and within the fire brick cave will be piece(s) that create giddy delight in my heart and soul! A piece/set/pieces that far exceed my anticipation when I gently place them in the nearly 1000 degress of heat for the long 'annealing nap' lol.

Here's an ideal example ~ I love the nearly jeweltone aspect of the colors! I love the sense of 'movement', the size! This piece sings to me.......

Here's another image with handmande aged brass beads and turq seaweed beads of mine that I used to complete the set ~

Are you wondering what the strange thing is? Or why the post title is poor poor bead?

Ah I'm wondering too - because this focal, this set that I adore hasn't garnered so much as a hint of interest at auction. Perplexes me to be sure, lol. And most certainly gives the bead a complex, lol

Perhaps it sings only to me? :-)

Perhaps too large? Too busy a design? Brass is bad?

Is the price, 11.95 for 3 lampwork, the brasses and the little turq acrylic beads) excessive? Are large focals difficult to design with? Hmmmmm.......

LOL these are the things that rattle around in my mind, as I wonder what it is I'm missing... Insights, suggestions, critiques, positive AND negative are very welcome -and appreciated!

And does this happen in your creaative world too? Do you ADORE a piece and find it seems to speak only to you? I'd love to hear! (confusion loves company! roflmao)

Poor poor bead - he's going to need rejection therapy, lol!