Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's my order

*If this post makes no sense, read here first :-) *

 Here’s the order I chose!

I love sox! 
Warm, sunggly, oddly colored, short, tall

For we who love books no explanation is needed eh?

Ah yes (and may I add   'yum'!)

Winter makes this a fav category

Who ever heard of a new blanket without a neato pillow? 

 I wonder what they put in here category treasure hunt

Mostly scanned for the pix to get ideas for a pretty bathroom

Bed linen  
Nothing changes up a bedroom  mood better than new linens

 I am a gadget-a-holic  lol. When I do cook I bake - gadgetfest!

Silver-ware-aholic  (just ask my husband)

Another I wonder what's been tucked there?  category

I love the look of rugs I HATE HATE DETEST keeping rugs swept

I often (hate to admit) sleep in studio rejects (things with holes but are oh-so-comfy)
So there you have it!    Now isn't it reallly interesting how we all had  books and food as a priority, lol . Blankets and pillows  ranged  midline priority for all of us.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm
Sooz, lol what happened to rugs and household? Think I wouldn't notice eh? LOL
(do you hate rugs too? roflmao)  come on - tell where rugs go on your list  :-)  pullleeezzzzeeee (hug)
Jus,  I can see in your list the poet/cook/winemaker/baker you are shining thru  :-)  (hug)
Heather, roflmao I said EIGHT comments (trying to pull a fast on are we)? Gotta keep my running shoes on to keep up with you babe, lol  (hug)
Hey, this is a lot of fun guys - thanks to u,  my loyal readers!!!  -  and I'm so glad you shared.
Anyone else want to join in? If so you have a few weeks, so leave your list in the comments!

 I'll keep checking to see when I have 8 comments  (and no MINE does not count, lol).  We'll give it till the end of March and then I'll draw a name from however many comments there are  - how does that sound?!!?

TTYA soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I wonder why.....

An interesting question..... curious indeed .....

I just rec'd an online catalog with these page link categories listed.

House and Home
Bed linnen
Blankets & Throws
Pillows & Cushions
Slippers & Sox

Choosing and rambling thru the sections out of order I suddenly wondered
WHY I chose to poke about in each offering in the order I did?
 Never thought of it before...
Why did I pick_____ before______?
Why did I look at _____next and ______ last?

I Don't think it makes a tiny bit of diff - but on the alternate hand,
kind of interesting to consider what order one views the pages - dontchathink?

So here's a bit of mid-winter wool-gathering
(if you'd like to play along, lol)
If you leave a comment sharing what order you'd go thru the list above then at this time next week
I'll post a comment sharing what order I went thru the list  :-)
(kind of a silly little blog game to pass a bit of time in this dreary part of the winter)

And to sweeten the game, I'll make it a contest/adventure of sorts!
Leave your 'what order' comment and when I have 8 comments I'll pick one totally at random
and choose a lampwork bead from my studio (with or cord or ribbon) to send to
who (or is it whom?) ever left the randomly chosen comment!

Sound like fun?
Comment away!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Sometimes ideas, long before they become coherent in concept, simply simmer. Somewhere in the background or underground or on the ethereal plane they cogitate, marinate, and filter. They stretch, they fold. The expand and contract. Thicken and thin. They leap then they stand as still as a the moment between the beats of a heart. Ideas. Passions. Pathways. The warp and weave evolve direction long before the course can be perceived.

Still, somewhere, somehow, you sense it happening. You know something creative 'inside' your mind is pushing at the edges, scoping out the parameters, preparing to emerge in the form of a framed 'actionable' idea. It's a time, when if you were to try to assign it a physical equivalent, you'd be inclined to say it were an itch that can't be scratched. A vague ache. An unsettled stomach.

You know something vastly creatively significant ~ some alteration or addition or layered direction is coming. You know, you know it with sure certainly. Sometimes an edge of it surfaces in a passing thought, a color flashes, a word or phrase comes to mind. Alluring, intriguing, painfully tempting. You can almost touch it, feel it beneath your feet, smell it in the air. But you can't visualize it clearly.

So you wait. You watch. You listen.
With intensity.
Something...... Something is on the wing....