Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Happy & Kindness

Be it towards humans or creatures, pass on
some good will and kindness
(on christmas and every and any other day you can.....)
Have a peek at this - and merry happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In Surprising Places One Finds....

No matter where you live, I imagine you've heard tell that the NE has been tortured is enjoying astounding snow or remarkable cold. On top of my little hill amid the fields and trees we've been spared the snow. But oh my shiverin' kaboose, the cold has been what we normally only see in the depths of February (imagine the insides of your nose sticking together - I know, a horrid example, but true none the less, roflmao And it's one way to let you know how cold COLD is here) And there is no hope for you if you forgetfully lick your lips or go outside with damp hands or hair, lol

Yet still..... 
Amid the struggle with the wind, and the frightful chill there are bits of beauty. Art via nature. Stunning really. The reward, if you take the time to look, is often found in the harshest and most unlikely places. Below, I give you an example of such I noticed recently. This very old single pane window in our house ~ festooned with swirls and curls, flows and rivers, ferns and blossoms of ice that whisper "beauty"....

Water, ice, bitter cold ~ basic elements combined ~ and created this...  

Stunning isn't it?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santa

Those who know me are aware I spend a LOT of time mowing lawns in the non-snow-seasons (and those who didn't know that fascinating fact know now, lol). With that lawn-fact in mind, here's an admittedly clever item that I hope Santa does NOT bring to to me - ever, roflmao

In fact, the threat of this under the tree could even cause me to behave all year! (ok, that's a lie as nothing could cause me to behave) lol but if something could this would be it! And may I just add that I have a  new respect (and love) for my riding (but not pedal powered) lawn mower....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some days are like that

Some days just go that way
(not down the toilet but.....)

There I was, you know, just doing the
typical cleaning - the blue scrub and swish...
My mind I admit on the next 20 things
 on the list needing to be done.

Absent-mindedly I began

Blue - check!
Scrub - check!
Swish - yep!
Flush & done!

As I went to put the toilet brush back in the holder
I somehow managed to slide the bristles against the foldover
edge of my cute little bathroom trash can I had out for cleaning.
Do I even need to say it? Oh hell yes, next thing I know I feel
a gentle but oh so horrifying spray of piss water** from the toilet
brush all over my face. Oh please, no!

Numerous face washes, alchol wipe downs, gargles and naughty words later
here I  am tell you because, well, who else would I tell? lol
Not to mention that when you do something really stupid (but funny)
involving a toilet it just has to be shared, right?

I'd whine more, but right now I have to go check
webMD to see what horrid things I may catch, roflmao
(and note to self: next time don't leave the trash can near toilet brush holder)!
**Well, not really piss water, lol - it was clean water ~ but still... ick!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CUTE 'N Funny!

In an email from my mum today - isn't it the cutest! (thanks mum!)

And from my all time fav housekeeper-babe Maxine...

And save all that money on stickey notes, lol

Have a good day everybody

Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Holiday Confession

As a kid it was hard for me to let go of the idea of Santa. And the flying reindeer. A reality check that eventually had to be cashed.  Time goes by and perceptions change.

Now here I am letting go of another holiday fallacy idea. I'm admitting in writing that I don't adore complex, time intensive holiday preparation.   The look and outcome - yes! But the fiddley fussing, not so much.  I know... (insert image of me hanging my head for a micro moment) this admission is terribly un-matha (perhaps even un-female, lol).

I can't confess share all my shortcuts at once (I do have some estrogen based pride, lol) But I will admit to my first get the look without the fuss trick. Hold on to your pantyhose. Sit down perhaps. Ready? I NEVER undecorate my little fake alpine tree. Yes, fake tree. Never undecorated.  Just breathe. Honest it's not as horrible as it may at first seem.

On Jan 2 or so each year my little tree (which looks astoundingly similar to the one in the image) is loving, carefully draped and wrapped in a sheet of filmy plastic (the kind used as a drop cloth for  painting). Lights, tinsel, ornaments all intact. Away into storage he goes. Once or twice thru the year I see him, say hello to him as I pass by for other things that live in storage.  He doesn't seem to mind at all.

For my part it's wonderful not to have to find and upack all the lights, ornaments every year. I enjoy not having to place the lights on the tree from scratch each year. I do switch off an ornament or two as I like which is fun and veryyyy quick.  To me it looks just as pretty when it's done (outcome vs process remember, lol).

The bonus is that the time saved since I've approached the tree in this oh-so-un-martha-way is that I now have time to string lights on trees outside if I like. Or bake cookies (bad for my butt but wonderful for the holiday mood! :-)   

Embracing my short cut to holiday outcome self (like admitting there was no Santa) changed the hoilday a bit of course. But for the better. For me there's more enjoyment not less. All I had to do was get past the previous expectation(s)!

I wonder if I'm the only one with holiday short cut confessions I mean tips? lol

Thursday, December 03, 2009

You Have To Love Maxine

LOL ain't it the truth!
Personally, I anxiously await the days being back on the path of growing longer!