Monday, January 18, 2010

When I Should Be....

I've been up to my knees in receipts, graphs, packing slips and invoices. End of the year bookwork dontchaknow.  Mind numbing. I am not a person who loves bookwork. I do it. I do it well. But I can not find a way to enjoy it (except for when it's complete, lol).  So inbetween studio work and bookwork this time of year I build in other productive breaks, distractions, sanity savers.

I found this oversized ottoman on the side of the road for free. Poor thing he'd apparently failed to keep his original home and worse still for him he'd failed to find a new owner at a yard sale as well (see the masking tape price tag on his right leg?) His fate found him upside down as you see here on the curb. He was awaiting his demise a la garbage day. Poor ottoman. Till I came along, lol......  It isn't the first (or likely last) time I've snatched a waif from the maw of the garbage truck crew. And after all this ottoman was solid, large surfaced (for extra seating or coffee-table duty as needed).  So home he came with me. I could feel his relief and happiness. Mine too. Recycling is good. Free recycling is faboo!

The only problem (aside from a bit of dirt and cobwebs) was that his material wasn't quite my style. But I'd rescued some heavy duty material a few weeks earlier as I loved the pattern. I draped a corner of the material over the sad little ottoman and voila - the two were perfect for each other!   I needed only to remove ottomans legs, and with a bit of cutting, tucking and a staple gun I was on my way to a really nice new (to me) piece of furniture..... 

More pictures of the process below

A few of my tools. Two of his legs removed alongside my trusty phillips head screwdriver and his price tag  (of a whopping $2.00) He really deserved another chance....

And here he is, after my re-do (with a before picture right next to it for comparison). I'm happy.  Stool is happy. Landfill is happy. I love it when a plan comes together lol                                                                       

What do you think?  :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hypothetically speaking

Hypothetically speaking if you have an old fridge that doesn't self defrost you really may want to consider defrosting it -  you know before you (hypothetically) hear a loud crash and (hypothetically) run to the kitchen to find a slab of ice has flown out of the freezer door. And skidded across the floor. Then you could (hypothetically speaking) discover it is so cold you would have to get winter gloves to pick it up. And upon (in theory) picking it up finding it is almost as heavy as you are so you can't carry it to the door to pitch it outside (in fact you can barely get it to the sink). 

As it turns out you (hypothetically speaking) could have to put it in a little snow sled you use for pulling UPS parcels. But first you would have to place the sled on a towel and then put the ice in the sled and drag the towel/sled/ice thru the house to the outside to place the (hypothetical) iceberg out-of-doors. 

Yep, I'm just sayin....
hypothetically that is.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Hello 2010

 A new year reminds me of looking thru stained glass windows

Some aspects are clear and defined.
Geometric and reliable.
Others teasingly appear, yet cannot be seen in discernable fashion

Only vague colors and shapes reveal
a hint of what may be
Hopes, fears, dreams and goals in fuzzy conglomeration
defy specific assignment

You'll just have to wait and see - literally

Light streams thru the fixed and fuzzy framework of the year-yet-to-be-lived

Welcome 2010....