Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I received this beautiful winter poem.
I thought it was very well written

By Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

Shit It's Cold!
The End

(thanks V! lol)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lions And Tigers And Bears...Oh My

The first week of the year has been BUSY! The studio was becalmed for a day or two as I took a short hiatus to spend time with my husband (before he put my picture on a milk carton :-) Now with the start of next week, there are orders, classes, and adventure(s) ahead! Quite perfect a week (aside from the mind-numbing inventory/paperwork that cannot be ignored) But as problems go, that's a non-prob...

I did have a bit of a thump when day before yesterday I received a call that my website host had been 'acquired' (yes, we immediately know this is not good news)and a new provider would taking over. Not initially a worry. Tho I've been pleased and comfortable with 'bigstep' this last 13 or so years and wouldn't have chosen to move it's just the way of business now ~ mergers, morphing, change.

It wasn't until I learned in the course of the conversation that none (or should I more aptly say NONE! NONE! NONE! N-O-N-E!!!) of my existing site can be transferred did I feel a vague hint of hysteria. Apparently the "new host" software/systems are not compatible with the existing systems/formats so NOTHING can be easily or automatically moved.


I will need to completely create/rebuild my site, my cyber home, my internet-baby if you will.... Surprisingly sad was my reaction to losing 'her'. Of course there's the work, the time involved. And NO DOUBT it's worth every momentof effort as such an incredible ammount of my business comes to me day in and day out from the studio website. It's also true the site can be improved upon (and perhaps downsized a bit). But she, site and I as she is, have traveled a long way together. Odd isn't it how connected one can become to something that is not only inanimate, but with no physical substance at all.

So there is my newest project set at my feet, lol - If perchance you have any suggestions, input, thoughts as to things you'd like to see continued in the next iteration of my studio website (or things you'd like me to lose forever, lol)let me know! Is there something I've never done/had on the site you'd like to see? All your thoughts (+ & -) are equally welcome and appreciated. After all, it's YOU who use the studio site and in that have the most valuable of insights. I'd be ever-so-appreciative for any insights/preferences shared! (via comment here or email)

I see by the clock I must dash - but I'm looking forward to hearing from you on this!