Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's my order

*If this post makes no sense, read here first :-) *

 Here’s the order I chose!

I love sox! 
Warm, sunggly, oddly colored, short, tall

For we who love books no explanation is needed eh?

Ah yes (and may I add   'yum'!)

Winter makes this a fav category

Who ever heard of a new blanket without a neato pillow? 

 I wonder what they put in here category treasure hunt

Mostly scanned for the pix to get ideas for a pretty bathroom

Bed linen  
Nothing changes up a bedroom  mood better than new linens

 I am a gadget-a-holic  lol. When I do cook I bake - gadgetfest!

Silver-ware-aholic  (just ask my husband)

Another I wonder what's been tucked there?  category

I love the look of rugs I HATE HATE DETEST keeping rugs swept

I often (hate to admit) sleep in studio rejects (things with holes but are oh-so-comfy)
So there you have it!    Now isn't it reallly interesting how we all had  books and food as a priority, lol . Blankets and pillows  ranged  midline priority for all of us.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm
Sooz, lol what happened to rugs and household? Think I wouldn't notice eh? LOL
(do you hate rugs too? roflmao)  come on - tell where rugs go on your list  :-)  pullleeezzzzeeee (hug)
Jus,  I can see in your list the poet/cook/winemaker/baker you are shining thru  :-)  (hug)
Heather, roflmao I said EIGHT comments (trying to pull a fast on are we)? Gotta keep my running shoes on to keep up with you babe, lol  (hug)
Hey, this is a lot of fun guys - thanks to u,  my loyal readers!!!  -  and I'm so glad you shared.
Anyone else want to join in? If so you have a few weeks, so leave your list in the comments!

 I'll keep checking to see when I have 8 comments  (and no MINE does not count, lol).  We'll give it till the end of March and then I'll draw a name from however many comments there are  - how does that sound?!!?

TTYA soon!


  1. "Jus, I can see in your list the poet/cook/winemaker/baker you are shining thru :-) (hug)"

    thought it would give me away :0) xxxx

  2. Rugs? I don't need no stinkin' rugs!

  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Lavender oil poured into a warm bath one of the pleasures of getting older time to relax

    Cat curled up on the bed after a major operation,he's home and well

    Being a great grandmother,really grandaughter
    gave birth last year to my great gran daughter

    Bottle of red wine, brought back from trip to new zealand ,visiting my beloved daughter a glass takes me straight back there.

    Winter,time for making patchwork quilts the joy of choosing a fabric to I know will be loved.

    Discovering I have a half sister .and half brother, the same age as my daughter and loving it.

    The garden as spring arrives,the battle of the slugs and snails,we will fight them on the beaches,ooops wrong speach.

    Being there when a friend needs a shoulder to cry on,laugh on,go crazy.