Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March? What happened to February?

My dear friend Heather just wrote ~ and mentioned my last post here was a month old. What DID happen to February?!! lol Beats me. The studio has been exceedling busy this winter. Normally the pace slows to a pleasant flow after the holidays leaving me with a flurry of inventory & paperwork (ick!) and blocks of time for R&D at the torches (which I look foward to all year). A far more hectic business winter this year (good!) but time has evaporated these past weeks. The ongoing transition of the studio website has consumed more than its fair share of time too (and my sanity) - but it's coming along well I think. Target date is April first - we'll see if I can be ready to publish it by then...

Here's a make up post for Feb :-)

THE HIGHLIGHT OF FEBRUARY was not just being 'spoiled' on Val's Day but the cheerful beauty of these flowers! They seem to say SPRING WILL COME don't they? :-)

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