Thursday, December 23, 2010

Done tho a bit late-ish! lol

Just in from the cold and the snow (and a little ice that had to be scraped from the car this morning)!

Food is all done now and Yay! the last tiny (as in baby!) prezzie I had ordered arrived at the post office (a bit behind sched due to weather I guess). I swooped to pick it up from the post office peeps on my rounds so I can get it wrapped/repacked & sent out asap..... Sadly it will be late to arrive as the christmas surprise I had planned (can't say more ~ she reads here & I don't want to ruin the surprise! lol) but I hope it brings just as much happiness as if it had been on time  :-)

In other news it looks like the christmas cookies are going to be new-years cookies if I can't get them done tomorrow. But that may not be bad - what better way to start the year that with cookies?!?? lol
Happy  merry to each and everyone who shares my world here with me - thank you!

Now off to do some unpacking/repacking/putting away of things AND have a cuppa to warm up!


  1. New Year's presents are also fun. There is a saying in Spanish that would translate as something like this: it is never late when joy is on the way!; or it's never late when it's something good!

  2. Imaginative,
    What a wonderful saying that is!
    I had never thought of it that way....
    A good saying (and way to look at) all of all of life!