Monday, October 15, 2007


I have a little ceramic wall hanging that states
"If it's not fatal, it's not a problem".
Which is, in the big karmic sort of way, very true.

However there are times when that truth is hard to focus on, LOL

Take this past week. We snuck away for a few days of R & R and upon arriving home discovered our second vehichle had a flat tire. Not fun to come home to, but no biggie. That is until we inflated the tire and found that the stablizer bar shock had lost all it's hydraulic fluid so it had to go in for repair.

Then the welltrol tank went belly up (if you have a well you know this means 'no water, no toilet flushing, no showers and big repair-headache-bill. And if you have public water you now know what a well-trol tank is/does!).

All that was exciting enough :-) but wait, there's more.....

In the same week my Dad had surgery, (doing very well!), the coffee maker decided to croak, as did the dryer. All things that are not fatal (and I'm very appreciative it's nothing more serious, really truly I am)...

But I swear if one more thing breaks I'm going to drop kick that inspirational ceramic sign out into the field, roflmao!

1 comment:

  1. Yikes!!!
    I have a well and understand what you mean!
    I am sure you are set for awhile now... LOL