Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I did it...

Thanks to the encouraging words from a friend (well her words and a small threat, lol) I actually stole some time for myself as she (and so many of you) have wisely counseled. Time to do something/anything I felt drawn to do. No need, no planned outcome. Simply put, time to do whatever the HE** I felt like during those few hours. What bliss :-)

Of course I found myself called by my torches. Yet what a different thing indeed to piddle, paddle, twit~about with no intent, no plan, no needed outcome! Some of the time was spend engrossed in R & R ~ ideas that have been patiently awaiting time to be explored. No images of those adventures. Those are for another time, lol. A bit of the time was spent simply creating latticinos seen in the image above...

I also allowed myself the HUGE LUXURY of creating a total mess while I worked!

When I'm teaching my beadmaking classes I strive to be orderly (reasonably!) When I demo lampworking or beadmaking I'm extremely obsessive about being orderly, tidy and controlled. I've also found that when I'm working on orders, commissions or pieces for sale productivity is much better if I'm organized. So for all the reasons above it's a rare (treat) to be mess mess messy! I can't believe I'm showing you this, lol but here's the 'full picture' of this portion of my bench and one of my torches! Quite different from the cropped latticinos and tweezer image eh?

Happy to say, my mum's doing much better :-) Dad's doing well and back at his routine post op. And me, I'm feeling almost normal for the moment! (ok, quit laughing at my use of the word normal in relation to myself LOL)

Happier still I am ~ deeply thank full in fact ~ for the concern, care, support, encouragement and love so many of you have 'gifted' to me thru this past long difficult year.... Your gentle kindness, care, humor and encouragement have seen me thru (and then some).

Lucky I am indeed to have been given such gifts of kindness.

Tho it seems far too brief a phrase, know the simple words Thank you come from my heart....

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  1. Heather Ward3:46 PM

    I'm so glad to hear/see your happy words!! I think you're sick for working on latticinos in your "free time" and you call that messy......hehehe. Glad to hear your parents are better. Miss you tons.