Monday, June 30, 2008


(Why yes, more turquoise! roflmao)
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1 comment:

  1. Sandra Gibson4:51 PM

    Darn and blast,typed comment then lost it,senility has finally set in
    OK blue,turquoise,my favourite colours.
    Finally summer has arrived here in the uk, garden looks less like an accident waiting to happen, and more like, a garden,lol.
    Planted pumpkins,strawberries,raspberries,
    word got out to the slug,and snail
    newsboard UGS ,for short.
    Had to take drastic action,now have
    drunk slugs and snails, a nightmare
    they are so aggresive when full of beer.
    Birds all have hangovers,not sure what's worse,drunken slugs/snails, or woozy birds.
    Horatio the purple dragon,keeps belching beer fumes, setting the scene for the rest of nature.
    My red brested robin keeps falling over, shouting more beer, more beer.
    What have I done. :-)
    Keep doing what you do the best,
    creating magic, my friend.