Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If nothing you do matters,
then all that matters is what you do....

I heard this statement recently and I confess that at first blush it struck me as nonsense at worst, confusing at best.

The person speaking went on to explain that at those moments when you realize your actions will not change the 'big picture outcome' of a situation it's time to turn your attention, effort, heart and soul towards what small things you ARE able to do. Take actions that WILL make a difference. Those things within your control may or may not be related to the larger issue at hand - but you always have choices.

Quite profound.

It is incredibly easy (and disheartening) to look at a situation and realize that try as you may you are NOT going to control the outcome. Reasons vary, but you realize it lies beyond your grasp to rein in (or rein out) the horses and wagon you see about to go over the cliff.

The light bulb for me within the statement I mention was the tool of refocusing. Finding (if you can) some smaller inroad you may be able to attain within the bigger picture. And if that can't be found move on.

Do what you can in some other unrelated arena. Make some other small progress. Give some kindness. Change the world (or the day, or the moment) in some other small way. Do whatever you can within your reach.

To be powerless in 'given situation' doesn't necessarily mean there's nothing you can do - it may mean you just need to do something else.....

I don't know why I'd never really thought of it that way!

Sometimes life leaves me feeling a bit powerless - but as long as there are choices, other paths I can choose 'what I do matters'. Just, perhaps, in a smaller reaching circle....

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