Monday, March 30, 2009

1 + 3 = free

I recently spent exactly one hour with a three year old.

Not unsupervised - no no. Mom and grandmom were there to tend to any maternal or grandmaternal issues had any arisen. So those of you who know me and are aware that I don't have pets or even plants can breathe easy. No need for any audible gasps at the though of my flying solo with a wee one of three :-)

With no estrogenic responsibility I was free to interact with her and watch how she devoured life over those 60 minutes.

Here's the fascinating thing: In one hours this 3 year old shared with me that:

*sequins & tiaras over jeans & sneakers still a princess make.
*plastic cows may (at some time) want to wear barbie makeup.
*gathering eggs from your grandparents barn in sequins, barbie makeup and tiara "so the chickens can see your outfit too" is very thoughtful (if not actual princess ettiquette)

Most importantly she shared with me that all things are possible (if not perfectly reasonable) when you think of them the right way, see them in the right light (or reflected sequin sparkle).

Princesses can gather eggs, plastic cows look surprisingly good in barbie makeup and you should always wear jeans and keds with your tiara - just in case you want to play like a boy too.

1 (hour) + (one) 3 (year old princess) = (remembering how to set your adult mind) free....

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