Saturday, September 18, 2010

A bit of madness?

There it is again. Oddly familiar of late. This feeling of something tugging, nibbling, tap-tap-taping on my heart & mind & soul. Desiring attention, yet not quite ready to be seen, not quite prepared to reveal. It's in the background. It moves along, parallel, just out of notice of my view. It's the faint but undeniable  watercolor background of the daytime and the wafting interlude drifting into sleep.  It's the feeling of a ghost in the room, not threatening, not worrisome yet distinctly there....

It sounds a bit like madness I suppose.  Yet it's the twisting turning overture that heralds changed direction, new path unfolding, separate or sometimes added layers that are quietly evolving for me. I wonder if it's like that for everyone? Perhaps it is. Perhaps they hesitate ( being more clever than I) to admit it. Perhaps some never feel the nudge-nudge-nudge of it?  (which would return me to my thought that this is sounding like a bit of madness...)?

But there it is. A sense of change of direction.
Fluttering in my mind like a gently billowing curtain draped across a window in Tuscany.
Like waves smoothing the sand so I can write something new, capture a thought, dance to a variant of my dreams.

We'll see
Yes, we'll see.......

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