Friday, April 08, 2011

The Internet Really Makes Me Laugh Sometimes!

This reminded me...
Years ago, (and this is a true story) we had a possum
stay with us briefly sheltering in the corner an open out-building.
She had her new babies in tow. We immediately 
noticed that one was different. Ma Possum had adopted a 
tiny wayward orphaned kitten somewhere along her travels.
She raised it with great success.
The kitten* not only survived, it thrived.
Apparently happy & healthy it nursed and frolicked with
its possum brothers and sisters. Eventually they all moved on.

*I've often wondered if the little guy suffered from identity or lifestyle issues, lol*


  1. LOL, your story is so cute. Gave me chills, thanks for sharing.
    Shannon C

  2. Hiya Shannon! Thanks for your comment/note :-)
    It's always so nice to know something I've put here gives a smile (or a chill!)
    Thanks again