Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Things Happen (still)

I'm not sure where the last four weeks have gone, quietly slipping past.
Amid scorching heat and non-specific bustling hither and thither and yon (isn't 'thither' a neat word? and 'yon' is kind of intersting too, lol) week upon week elapsed.

Time does that.
It's immensely present hour by hour but in larger increments it's difficult to quantify or track aside from the intermittent glance at the wall calendar (yes I still use one - the epitomy of low tech - why I like it suppose).

But amid the last few weeks one remarkable event is noteworthy.
One event speaks to two other event tied by a heartwarming thread.

One evening, of one week, my husband mentioned to me  he'd crossed paths with a gentleman who was turned around in his directions, distraught about arriving on time for an appointment. Alone and upset my husband took him directly to the location of his appointment (the sort of thing he often does). They chatted a bit about life, the world, handsakes were exchanged and the gentleman headed thru the door to his appointment.

One afternoon, another week, in wallymart, I came across a woman struggling to lift some portable folding tables into her shopping cart (those 'portable tables' are heavy! lol). I asked her if I could give her a hand and we made short work of it. She mentioned she was picking them up for a special party her daughter was planning.  Smiles and thanks/welcomes exchanged I went on to shop and she, to cash out.

One late afternoon, of yet another week my husband and I were struggling to lift a VERY heavy item into our ancient old vehicle. We're pretty experienced at finding ways to do the unlikely if not impossible task, lol. But this was vexing us. We couldn't muscle it in. We'd failed at drawing it in from the inside via a heavy packing blanket. We couldn't get it to roll up the ramps we'd pulled from the garage. And did I mention it was 98 in the shade that day? We were standing, staring, when a SUV drove by, turned around and came back. As it pulled over to our side of the road the driver called out "would you like some help"?

Hating to bother him we laughed and said we weren't sure it had beat us yet, but again he asked and was out of his car on his way to help.  In moments the impossible item was securely placed.  Smiles, thanks and handshakes were exchanged.  I mentioned what he'd done gave me hope in  humanity. He smiled broadly. In moments he was back in his car, on his way down the road. We headed out shortly thereafter.

It's really so easy to make the world a better place. To instill a bit of hope. To affirm we're all along for the ride of life together.

And is a coincidence that Karma and Kindness both begin with K? I think not.

Doing something kind does make a difference. It does have an impact. Especially if you're on the receiving side. But it's equally impressive to the heart and mind being the giver of help or kindness. The world does sense and register your choices, your efforts. Even the smallest ones. The ways of the world rise, fall and alter ~ one nano-effort, one choice at a time.

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  1. I was thinking of you today and so happy to read your experience.
    Thanks for sharing.