Monday, December 11, 2006


I came across this quote in the way one does on the internet - one toe in the sea of cyber leads to wave upon wave of interwoven links. A click from 'here' leads a merry wander to 'there' and unexpected treasures are discovered. My only regret is that my system locked prior to my noting just where I was when I found this quote.......
The reson I found this quote by Kent whispering to me was that it IS in fact the way I feel when at the torch, in the midst of the 'process' of creating and why I find it ever fulfilling.
Tho the quote refers more to the 'appreciation' of art I think it curiously interesting that
the the emotion behind the PROCESS and the emoiton of the APPEAL of the outcome may be more alike than I'd ever thought.......
What do you think?!
(Read the quote below)
"The thing about art that delights and confounds us is that it never happens again. This delights us if we have learned how to look because the esthetic experience allows all of our human faculties to be absorbed in the environment of the present
and for a while to be fully alive without reflecting, without turning back or looking ahead.
Uniqueness confounds us because there are no rules for guides. There can be no science of the particular. In a sense this confounding is a delight because it puts us in touch with that aspect of reality which is described as uniqueness--the fact that nothing ever happens twice in the same way in every respect."
corita kent

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