Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm distressed this morning to hear of 'bee worries'....
The news brings word that more of my fuzzy, buzzy, busy
pollen moving buddies are dying and no one seems to know
just why....
Bees and frogs have always been near and dear to my heart.
Never having been a 'normal girl' (or normal at all actually)
golden eye toads, jumping frogs, spring blooming trees and
flowers 'a-buzzzzz' with bees form a core of memories past
and current that never fail to make me smile.
They were one of
the (many) reasons I could not imagine living in a city....
Now, as with past news of frogs in peril, bees join the list.
Too much pesticide? Too much chem-lawn? An off-handed
twist of fate from 'mother - nature'?
I just hope those far more clever than I can find the key
to keep the buzz going.....

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