Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New work (Peek or Buy)!

I'd mentioned I was working on some pieces for a trunk show of my work. This is one headed for the trunk show - unless of course one of you just can't live without it, lol. In that case first to email me glasschick at yahoo dot com will be it's new bead/jewelry mom :-) Just cut/paste/fix the yahoo email above to contact me.


Claim it via comments here on this post. Whatever way the requests arrives lol, it goes to whoever claims it first!

I've placed it on a really neat dual adjustable necklace (included). The bead ties on the bottom as seen & the necklace has no clasp to fuss with - it has two slide knots @ the back which you pull together to lengthen to slip over your head. Best of all is it then adjusts (by sliding the knots at the back apart) to any length you like for wearing!

Another faboo aspect of this cord is the fact you can change beads (or add beads) to the bottom strings whenever you like ~ Fun! Just untie the knot and change to another bead. The bottom ties are aprox 2 inches long.

*** REMEMBER to re-expand it again before you remove the necklace (and pleassse DON'T ask me how that little gem of advice came to my attention, roflmao, spaz that I am :-)

If it calls to you, journal readers only price of 12.95 (NYS residents tax too :-( it's a must). US shipping ~ JUST A BUCK! ~ UK, CAN, $4.00 US FUNDS for regular first class shipping

Now, back to work for me !

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  1. hey Faye, got your mail :0) Been so busy lately and so tired, be glad when all the festive stuff is over with to be honest LOL.

    That's a lovely necklace, bet I'm too late to throw my hat in the ring? :0) It's just my kind of jewellry.

    Mail you soon