Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankfulness Sunday

I know that thanksgiving day is technically the day to mentally and emotionally weigh all the things one is thankful for - but let me confess that the only weight related event that occurs for me on 'turkey day' is adding to my own personal poundage, lol! Too much of everything solid and liquid and cream covered is the priority. Then there's the laughing, talking and kidding to happy excess. The really truly serious pondering is held at bay on Thursday. Friday is for returning to a vague reality, Saturday for catching up. So each year I find Sunday is the day I really think about the year and the gifts it contained.

This Thanksgiving Sunday I find at the top of my list is simply the quiet slow return of enjoying the tiny happiness

Those who share my world personally (or here) know that recent years have been heavily woven with tragedy and worry, loss and sadness. Not that there haven't been wonderful and happy events as well - there have. But those happy aspects were forced to sit quietly at the feet of of larger life events - things uncontrollable and difficult - waiting for better times.

As is always the way with life and her path, she's changed course again and there is a calm. However long it may last, an ease. And it's stayed just long enough that I realized yesterday I honestly wanted to string some lights. I was enamoured with the thought of retrieving the tree from the attic. I was able to actually connect with these small pleasures again, for the first time in years.

As is the case with so many things in life what doesn't seem like such a big deal IS when you've lost it (or lost your pathway to it). It's just now that I've discovered the reconnect is viable again. Wonderful for the holidays and an even happier realization for the year to come - or however long these moments of calm choose to stay...

I also know as I think about it that the depth with which I'm enjoying these small bits of happiness are all the better for having temporarily lost my way to them......

There is it seems a thread of happiness woven into every journey, waiting for the right time to be seen and found.

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  1. Heather Ward11:00 PM

    Hey lady! I'm so happy to read that you have a calm around your family. May it last for years to come!! I also spent the weekend decorating for Christmas, mom's house and my own:) Where is your trunk show? I expect to see pictures!