Friday, August 21, 2009



Yesterday, writing in response to the call Ronni Bennett put forward regarding HCR (health care reform) was good. Satisfying. Grounding. Empowering. I believe we made a difference.

Those feelings led me to recall a post I'd written almost exactly a year ago, oddly enough. The post can be found here:

Being a small part of many speaking out yesterday for the hope of a greater good without any surety of what the outcome will be caused me to realize what we each do matters. It matters, hopefully of course towards the outcome. It certainly matters to the overall understanding that sharing of ideas brings.

But most importantly perhaps, for me, was connecting the thought of a year past from that September 08 post to the action of posting yesterday. While a specific outcome is what I hope for, it was the 'taking what action I could, within my control' (thanks to the TIME GOES BY rally call) that mattered. In and of itself. The journey (my post) as well as the destination (hoped for outcome) both being equally relevant, with purpose found in each.

Perhaps it is true that we (I!) grow smarter with age :-)

Here's to each of us seeking, finding and acting on what we can, where we can, when we can. No matter what difference it makes, the effort itself makes a difference.
PS Thanks to NancyB and Lilalia for taking the time to share your comments on my post yesterday. Excellent points made by both within the comments and I'm looking forward to reading any posts/thoughts you wrote yesterday re: HCR!

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