Sunday, August 02, 2009

Naughty Summer

Summer, we have to have a talk....
I know you probably have issues, things on your mind. But honestly I just don't know what your problem is this year! No sun, no warmth. Rain, rain and more rain! My sunflowers refuse to grow or bloom (they say they are after all SUN-flowers). My tomatoes are despondent. And green. Big and green. That's no way for tomatoes to look at the end of July going into August. And while we're speaking of July, do you know how distressing it is to be wearing a jacket in July? Jackets in July is catchy sounding but very distressing. Cool, cold rain day after day is fine if you're not a tree. But I'm not.

It's August and time is running out. So, Summer, if you could see your way clear to send a little sun and warm my way I'd be ever-so-pleased. Just a few days here and there. yes, that would be lovely....

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  1. Justine5:54 PM

    it's just the same here but what's new? :0)