Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know, intellectually at least, that there should come a time when adults cease collecting 'stuffies'. Intellectually. Yes. I know. But what's one to do when they look at you with their pleading little eyes (or eye)? And their limp little bodies?

Well in my case what I do is bring them home. And (can I believe I am admitting this) once home I name them. Each-and-every-one....

My latest fall from non-stuffie-buying-grace has taken the form of 'UGLY DOLLS'. These bizarre little creatures just NEED protection, asylum, affection, adoption. After all they strike me as an acquired taste, lol even for the stuffie-afflicted.

Above (with piglet) are seen merga-tool and poe (don't ask, I'm really not going to confess to the stories of the names, lol. After all I have to try to keep some shred of appearing vaguely normal :-)

So if any of you have any weakness for stuffies also, or other odd collecting habits I'd love it if you left a comment - insanity (or soft-hearted-ness) loves company don't-cha-know, roflmao

And just in case you need to know more about ugly dolls (I know, probably not, but I'm just sayin...) click on the title of this post and it'll take you to their website

Ok, I'm leaving now .... :-)

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