Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inside The Studio

It's been ages since I've chatted about my studio glass work here - oddly - because it fills the majority of my days, nites and dreams LOL

My creative process tends to wander, to alter, in cycles. Not obvious cycles mind you such as seasons and holidays. No, my purely creative process is, as with most creative souls, a bit random, unexpected and inexplicable (if not downright bizarre) :-)

Recently I've been drawn again to create one of my oldest favorites - lizards

Lizards (modeled on actual or purely artistic) offer endless variation. Combinations of color, movement, expression, situation all factor into these cheerful little fellows and their platform bead base or collectible shelf/desk base surroundings (as you see in the images above and below).

Is it just me or do they make you smile too? Seems to me they're something about them that is cheerful, hopeful, and curiously comforting. But then again maybe I'm just odd, lol

This handsome (well he IS - just ask him!) fellow is of moretti glass and has already found a home, but there are others. If you'd like to know when I place them on the studio website contact me at glasschick at and I'll send you an email.

With lizards whispering to me, emerging from the flames you know (if you know me, lol) that frogs will not be far behind!

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