Thursday, February 04, 2010


Sometimes ideas, long before they become coherent in concept, simply simmer. Somewhere in the background or underground or on the ethereal plane they cogitate, marinate, and filter. They stretch, they fold. The expand and contract. Thicken and thin. They leap then they stand as still as a the moment between the beats of a heart. Ideas. Passions. Pathways. The warp and weave evolve direction long before the course can be perceived.

Still, somewhere, somehow, you sense it happening. You know something creative 'inside' your mind is pushing at the edges, scoping out the parameters, preparing to emerge in the form of a framed 'actionable' idea. It's a time, when if you were to try to assign it a physical equivalent, you'd be inclined to say it were an itch that can't be scratched. A vague ache. An unsettled stomach.

You know something vastly creatively significant ~ some alteration or addition or layered direction is coming. You know, you know it with sure certainly. Sometimes an edge of it surfaces in a passing thought, a color flashes, a word or phrase comes to mind. Alluring, intriguing, painfully tempting. You can almost touch it, feel it beneath your feet, smell it in the air. But you can't visualize it clearly.

So you wait. You watch. You listen.
With intensity.
Something...... Something is on the wing....

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