Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acting on my word for 2011

This winter has been remarkable. Snow in states that never see chilly weather much less snow.

For those who live in the northeast as I do it has been brutal. The snow has been endless. The gray skies more ominpresent than usual. 

And the heat bills. They could bring you to tears.
Or insanity.
Or both.

I've always winter-treated windows & doors. But of late it has become my personal quest to find every open space, every leaking window, every bit of 'frost' and then irradicate any 'cold connection' I've found. With dedication both DH and I have made progress. Much has been improved. Much remains. "Take that!' I whisper to each window & door (and ok, yes, with a bit of a 'bbbwwwaahhhhhh' laugh as I proceed).  Hey, it's part of the process....  lol

But as I'm working along, caulking, sealing, quasi-cursing the cold I remember. I remember the word I chose for 2011. The goal I chose for these 12 months BOKEH  ,,,,,
Not only look but SEE.
Observe the outside-of-the-direct-line-of-sight beauty/good in any situation.
And these pictures along with the momentary pause & happiness capturing these images, are the outcome.

The image above and this one as the sun shown briefly and the blue of the sky reflected are the gifts 'bokeh' shared....

They say artists are inclined to notice beauty in small things. But I think the truth is that anyone who looks finds a treasure trove. 

If my campaign is successful, if the cold is kept outside and the warm inside. If the dragon-of-heat-bills is slain these images will 'ner again be seen. 

And dontcha know I'll miss their beautiful flowing delicate shapes. Another lesson. What seems (or even is) a problem at one point in time still possessed beauty. Still had merit. Or was not without merit. There is always something bright shimmering in the darkness of difficulty.  But to find it. To see it.  There, ah.... there is the challenge.  

A good word.
A good goal.
Here's to many 2011 moments not missed because of it......


  1. I am so loving this post. It reminds me that there is inspiration in the mundane, the every day, the speck of dust on your screen, the milk spilled on the counter, the frost on the windows. I love these patterns and it will be a shame to miss them, but to know you are toasty warm is even better. Thank you for reminding me that stop and notice. Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Erin!

    Thank you :-) and tho it will be grand to (hopefully!) be warmer I'll miss them too...

    I'm determined to continue to seek and 'see' beauty wherever it resides. In visuals, actions, thoughts & intentions found in the events, people and vistas around me this year.
    With a bit of discipline I hope viewing all aspects of life *the bokeh edges* becomes a habit!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts - always greatly enjoyed!