Sunday, November 05, 2006


November is restless time for me.....

As much as October brings a soothing joy, November lays the obverse at my feet.
Days wrapped in the lingering darkness & melancholy winds the days of November
whisper of worry ~ as they have since the beginning of time.

Yet I remind myself they give way to the winter, the time to rest, to ponder, to
explore the corners of life (and art) that patiently wait their turn thru the brilliant
bursting of summer and the delirious delectablity of summer and early Fall.

Spring beckons 'come hither' to see life return again - sandwiched inbetween the classes
the torchsong and the software that are my days. She and I steal moments to share
and smile over the return of birdsong and branches laden with unfurling leaves.

Summer is a defiant dance of schedules and goals set under a blazing sun and liquid breezes
Gentle rains and singing frogs in my tiny pond are the backdrop to frenetic energizing days.
"No time no time" is the mantra of summer - no hours for reflection and experimentation
~ in life and in art~

So the winds of November and the restlessness they bring are perhaps just the earth
reminding me it's time to turn my path inward, to replenish and ponder, experiment
and seek.

Art and life both demand a time of rest/renewal if Spring is expected to have the verve to
arrive again...

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