Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Old Ways

It may seem that the 'old ways' of things are a lot of work. That's because they were and are still, lol. But as is often the case the rewards are profound. Take my buddy COALBY - our first foray into coal heat. Many (many) years ago DH and I burned wood and in fact we cut our own wood - believe it or no, I'm pretty good as one half of a two man logging saw - but that's another story, lol.

But honestly when the desire to supplement the furnace came around again last year I had to admit I have arrived at a point where I no longer wanted to cut wood, haul wood, split wood. I love burning wood - the smell, the soothing crackling sound. But the work of cutting, hauling, splitting remained fresh in my mind. So as an experiment we adopted our coal stove COALBY. (yes I name EVERYthing, lol).

He's warm, he's cheerful, he's my new best-heat-friend. The only time he vexes me is on 'cleaning day' (my job) - Just for the amusement factor you've come to expect from me :-) I've included a pic of me on COALBY CLEANING DAY - sans hat and goggles and gloves (good mask is under the bandana). I'd have shown you the full regalia but I wanted to give you a laugh, not a heart attack or seizure, lol

So there you have it - a bit of February news from the Upstate NY homefront...


  1. The cost of heating these days really is highway robbery! ;0)

    How are you Faye?

  2. Hi J! LOL isn't it?! (robbery I mean) Tho thanks to that, I have a new skill - now I'm a 'coal-wrangler' too, lol How are the feathered girls (chickens) and lottie doing? Chat soon - hugs F.