Sunday, June 06, 2010

Flip Flop Danger??!!

Apparently so, according to
No disrespect intended towards the writer,
the source or the intent of the article.
But fer cryin' out loud
(there's actually even a link to flip flops / sandals
that earn the APMA Seal of Acceptance). 
Again, no disrespect but  

Flip flops are a simple, long standing ICON of summer!
Of fun and frolic
Of beach, yard & summer stroll.
Limp, bendy (yes a made up word, lol) pieces
of gay and happily colored foam-plastic!

I ask you
of all the things to worry about, of all the ills of humanity
of all the things that could justify (and improve) from our attention
should fun, funky, (still cheap) FF's 
be classified as a topic of worry and fear?

Uh, well, how can I put this.... 


With a bit of common sense, and a dash of 'may stub your toe but you'll live'
sprinkled with 'let's just have a little sqishy fun' and not over-think this
I believe this icon of summer frolic 
(remember frolic? lol) 
may yet live on
happily amusing
of us for years to come.....

It's a great life if you don't weaken
Start by not buying into the purported danger

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