Monday, May 24, 2010

She's mine

I know
I know...
I don't need
more large furniture


But will you just look at her?
Do you see what I see? lol
She's the kind of chair that just wraps itself around you...
She's the  kind of chair that takes away the 'all day in the studio on my feet' aches
The kind of chair that says 'stay awhile, think, sketch, no you're not wasting time'
(what? your furniture and various other objects don't speak to you? oh my.... what you're missing! :-)

She's the kind of chair that has stories to tell
She's seen a lot of life, a number of homes most likely
and now she's mine...
(see my coffee-cup = turf marker?!!)

But here's the question - any all help appreciated!!
She's flocked (material) with original horse hair stuffing
I've done scads of inter-netting for the best ways to clean  her
but I'd LOVE to hear from any of you with hands on (literally, lol)
experience with referbing an oldie but snugglie such as this
lest I do her harm and make both chair and I sad  :-)

Thanks for any suggestions you can wing my way!

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