Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Words


It struck me how similar these two words are in sound, in letter content and configuration.
Look at them and notice how many letters are the same. Consider for a minute how few words (overall) contain the letter X. They have a similar sound to the ear. Side by side they are surprisingly similar.

Different definitions? Yes of course.
But then again it occurs to me how, in living life, they eloquently intertwine.

In the dynamic flow of living life of gaining experience (classes, events, travel, hobbies, moving, purchasing a home) the associated cost immediately comes to mind. 

But think for a moment with me about the emotional cost/investment of life experiences.  We're far less inclined to consider the "expense" of experiences in terms of emotion. Experiences (especially deeply personal ones) that stretch us as individuals 'cost' us in bravery, dedication, fear. Intense experiences may compensate us ultimately in satisfaction, in achievement, in wisdom. But they also cost in humilty, patience, awareness and at times fear. 


Everything we choose in life (or life chooses for us) comes with expense and leaves us with experience

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