Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What can I say?

LOL I try really really I try NOT to let things follow me home (that's another post in and of itself)! 

But look, just look at this face.....

Could you have left him behind?!????
(assuming of course you have a fondness for frogs sitting on orbs like I do, roflmao)


Now I have to resist the urge to put a tiny little christmas hat and/or bow on him.... Help me.....

HEY! Actually you can help me! In comments tell me your opinion - vote 'yes or no' on
a christmas outfit for frog!

PS don't forget to swing by yesterdays post to see remaining beads supersale link (at Flickr)



  1. Of course he needs an outfit! Maybe a necklace of miseltoe too!

  2. Sooz, lol I should have KNOWN you'd add a necklace to the outfit! :-)

    Imaginative, thank you for your yes vote!

    I think it's looking like frog will have a santa outfit lol (yay!)

  3. Karlene1:28 PM

    OF course...santa hat and a little red scarf too....