Saturday, September 16, 2006


4:59 a.m.

I love email ~ and now that I've met blogger I love 'comments' too)!
I sink deeply into reading the content of notes from friends and 'not yet discovered friends' (each email/meeting holds that possibility!) and I'll tell you why I feel this way about email...
Even tho tech-culture has made the world spin faster and made us endlessly available it's also returned to our culture something the phone and fax removed - the art of written communication. Not unlike scripted pen and paper letters of old, WRITING (via email) returns to us the ability to ponder what people say to us and the ability to form our thoughts replied in a way that is (IMO) deeper and more lasting. Don't think for a moment I don't enjoy a rollicking spontaneous phone conversation with a friend or client - I do! But still when it's over, it's done. Admittedly long saved emails don't have the VISUAL allure of a stack of old letters tied with ribbons in a box. Yet I find I go back to my email folders to re-read thoughts people have shared with me. You'd be surprised how often you'll write to me sharing a story or quote or a bit of chat, and within those lines I gain an insight, or a laugh in the midst of an impossible day..... And when I write in return, I immerse myself in the words, able to stop and think as I write. Things I'd like to share come to mind. Perhaps a story from years past that may help - or some insight that I'm hoping may be useful in a difficult time someone's facing.
I'm dismayed at the many things that I wish I'd shared but escaped my mind when I'm on the phone. How often I've thought 'I wish I'd remembered to say/share that!' after I've hung up the phone. But the immediacy of the telephone (as good as it can be) doesn't allow for 'pondering' the way writing does. I don't suppose I have a point to this, aside from the fact that I enjoy your emails/comments tremendously.... Be it a series of missives we share about life, a chat about business, a line or two in relation to vexing moments in life or a quick 'hello! ' from an old friend or client (or a friend yet to be made)!
In my mind the written word still rules because of the way it allows us to REALLY connect!
So do feel free to write ~ any time!.....

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  1. I'm the same about written communication. I'm terrible for bombarding my friends with e-mails but I find it easier to express myself via the written word, that's perhaps why I find poetry so cathartic...

    Keep muttering Faye :0)