Thursday, September 14, 2006


2004-01-13 - 4:48 a.m.
The email exchange that sparked this entry has so many facets, it’ll probably be good for several writings… lol.. But let me begin at the beginning…
As a full time studio artist one of the apsects of my business is teaching. I teach lampwork beadmaking (among other lampwork and marketing classes) on a very regular basis & have for years. I hope to always teach. I’ve been an artist in residence, I’ve done copious numbers of demos, I’ve been invited to teach at some significant events. No matter what the particular situation, teaching is one of my joys. For me there is no greater thrill than working with/teaching someone who is simply curious about glass and seeing them, step by step, fall in love with it as a material, an art, a passion. I consider it a great honor to be part of the ‘time line’ of holding these ancient skills in my head, heart and hands and passing them on as my father passed them to me...
So, I advertise, I have class info on my website, many students arrive by word of mouth reference. I am incredibly pleased that students travel from all over the country to study with me. It’s really and truly wonderful and I watch the progress of every one of my students with fondness and pride.
But this email requesting class info, well when I read it, I just had to laugh out loud! ;-) It started out normally enough, the usual yadda yadda about I see you teach, I’m interested in yadda yadda, can I have further information etc etc… So far very normal exchange. But the last line was the treasure …. It said“and I also wondered, are you (as a teacher, glassworker) famous” ?Hmmmmmm….Now aside from wondering how Emily Post would recommend I answer, (grin) I really had to stop and think…. Just what would qualify me as ‘famous’ in the art glass/bead world? Hmmmmmmm….. And just why would that matter? (I understand wanting to know qualifications, asking for recommendations - for sure!) But famous… hmmmmm…I’d really LOVE feedback on your thoughts on this one guys…. I haven’t a clue what qualifies one as ‘famous’.
But it did make me wonder how/if/why it matters and if so what YOU think of when ‘famous beadmaker' or 'famous lampwork teacher' is bantered about…. So please DO write and share with me your thoughts/insights on this one…But I digress... As it turned out after I”d supplied all the other class info and was at the point I had to respond to her last question of "are you famous", here’s how I decided to reply:
I simply wrote:
"Not Yet" :-)


  1. You SO are famous!!!!

  2. I agree! Sorry to tell ya if you were hoping for some non-notoriety, but I would agree, that in the world of glass in all its glorious forms, you qualify as famous!