Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Sometimes something special is set upon your doorstep from the most unexpected source. It makes you smile, it makes you feel fuzzy, it's something you'll always remember.

A bit of background first :-)

In the many many decades (geeze I'm gettin' old!) I've been at the torch creating art glass object of one kind or another (beads, animals, pins, jewelry, cabinet knobs) I've loved every minute, every creation.

Not a day goes by that I'm not thrilled by and urged on to new levels within my art by wonderful compliments from my clients! I hope each of you know that when you share your excitment and happiness upon receiving your 'parcel' and write to tell me, it makes me happier than I have any right to be :-) Each and EVERY comment/compliment means the world to me!

Thank YOU ~ for the sharing of compliments, the images you send, the stories....

With this in mind, slip back with me a few months in time... One of my long long LONG LONNNGGG time bead-buyers emailed to say her young daughter loves the beads she's adopted from me, especially the sparkly ones! ;-) (ah the next generation of the bead-obsessed in the making, yea!)

Then a few days ago 'mom' sent me this email ...... this unexpected gift of a RAVE from her daughter about my work ~ perhaps LOL my favorite compliment EVER!

Today "N" demanded to see her beads... She said - I love the big bead best. All the shiny stuff looks like dolphin glitter pee.... LOL

As I said to her mom, roflmao - "do we forsee a DOLPHIN GLITTER PEE Series in my future"? :-)

Having my work published, having it shown in CORNING, being an artist in residence are all 'confirmations' of my art, my skill. But knowing something from my torch connected with the imagination of her young, open, naturally creative imagination - now THAT is unique and rare affermation of my work!

Not all that sparkles is gold - some is dolphin glitter pee ~ and some is the happiness that you find left on your doorstep from an unexpected source.....

(Thanks Mz. N!)


  1. I won't comment until Miss N sees it... LOL

  2. Miss N5:44 PM

    You are pretty great! You work really hard and really good. I love your beads!

    Mz. N