Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It's been raining and cool ~ the grass/trees/green things love it! This however means that the grass needs mowing about every 20 minutes, lol which brings me the title of this entry...

I admit, tho it seems vaguely thought of as abnormal by most people that I hate amusement parks. There I've said it in print :-) I've once ridden on a Ferris Wheel, once on a rollercoaster, and was twice lured onto bumpercars. Not my cuppa tea, this ride thing.

BUT put me on a riding lawn mower and watch as I slam that puppy into '5th gear' and take off! I promise you it's as adrenaline inducing as ANY park ride, roflmo!
To fully appreciate the situation you have to know that I have a thing for trees (planted untold numbers of them 30 years ago) and my DH has a penchant for rocks - you know the big landscaping kind. So our property is sort of the 'try and/or die!' prototype of a mower decathalon....

In 5th gear it's kind of fun to see if I can move the branches and/or duck to keep from being de-horsed from the mower and get close to the rocks without ripping off the grass shute on the side! (*mind you I 'lose points' in my self imposed goals if I at anytime a) downgrade to a lower gear or b) have to use reverse, grin...) There's also the frog pond to be avoided and a couple of spots where the geography is such that you find yourself mowing at a curiously gravity defying angle.

What amusement park could offer so much fun for free with no waiting in line?! roflamo...

I wonder if anyone makes a mower with a 6th gear...... :-)

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  1. Heather10:13 PM

    I wish you could tape your "event" knowing your yard I'd love to see you on the mower:) Miss you tons, hope the sun comes out soon! It's close to 90 degrees here already, is it pathetic to miss the weather there?? LOL!