Thursday, May 07, 2009

100 Calorie Twinkies

Oh the happy-dance joy of it all! Mum found (and gifted me) a box of these 100 calorie per pack mini twinkies. Now what could be better than that?! Three to a 'packaage', six pkgs in a box. Slow deliberate yummy-ness at 100 cals a pop. A really nice calorie controlled way to consume twinkes... Unless you happen to be me.

MY take on this packaging concept was: 'HEY, I just ate the entire box, but that's only 600 calories, how awesome"! Faaaarrrrr improved on the caloric scale when compared to eating an entire box of normal sized twinkies dontchathink? lol

'Twas a very yummy breakfast indeed.... Thanks Mum :-)


  1. Aren't Moms/Mums just wonderful? You had better be doing something real special for her this weekend. Please wish her a Happy Mother's Day from me, too!

  2. Heather Ward8:17 PM

    Ha,ha! I know I'm late responding to this post, but I thought of you instantly when I saw these in the store. Almost bought a box and sent it to you. Decided against it because they probably wouldn't have been in any shape for a first introduction when they arrived:) Hope all is well, miss you tons.

  3. Hey filmnut! I did (do something special) :-) Hope your Mom's Day was special too!

    Heather, lol you KNOW I would have loved them squished or otherwise:-)
    Things are good - ALWAYS a bit insane if not bizarre, lol but that's normal for me, right? :-)
    Miss you tooooo (but you knew that)